About us

Xellox is focused on bringing blockchain technology to the masses by creating products that are intuitive and enable access to real world utility.

Our core principle is to respect the self-sovereign nature of this industry, while providing secure and easy-to-use solutions for individuals and institutions.

We believe there are huge shifts happening in the way we see, and interact with, the digital world. The future revolves around new computing platforms and how we own and store the data linked to our digital property and identity. The boundaries between our digital and physical lives are dissipating and new innovations are needed to tackle problems like cybersecurity and trust in the digital environment.

Integrating blockchain technology with the systems we use today is crucial in order to achieve a secure and trusted digital experience. This technology requires innovation and progress in both software and hardware, exactly what xellox plans to deliver.

Meet our team


We operate in full transparency, which means that our code and hardware is fully open source.

Our team and assembly is also based in Finland, the least corrupt country in the world.

We all know that our online devices are susceptible to threats from hackers and other malicious actors. This is simply because they are connected to a network and constantly interracting with other devices.

Digital property won't be trusted if a 12 year old kid can steal it from his bedroom. We need a better way to store and use our digital property and that is what hardware wallets offer.

Hardware wallets allow us to store our digital property completely offline, safe from all threats.

ZIFER is going to change the way we perceive hardware wallets. It's going to offer an unparalleled user experience paired with actual utility. Hardware wallets have long been just storage devices and all the great use cases blockchain technology has to offer have been ignored.

We're gradually releasing details during 2023.

No. We'll inform everyone who has made a reservation and give them the chance to buy ZIFER first at a discounted price. The reservation fee is non-refundable.

Late 2023/early 2024. We don't want to be over optimistic regarding the release date only to miss it due to unexpected delays.

By reserving ZIFER now, you'll be the first to get your hands on it and experience everything it has to offer.

You're also supporting innovation in this space and making sure you're part of the early adopters instead of the laggards.